Thanks for stopping by. This is a website for all you Tetragami fans and newcommers. If you have any tips, coments, questions or new models please write in the guestbook or contact us at info@tetragami.com

This is one of the endless posibilities Tetragami offers. Only your imagination sets the limits of what you can create with this magic paper. Check out the shapes we have posted here and if you have more, please share with us by sending us an email at info@tetragami.com with a picture or video and your name of the shape. We will post your very own shape in our gallery with your name on. Hulk is designed by Jonas Soerensen.

What is Tetragami?

Let's get creative.

Tetragami is a new way for you to work your creative side, share with others and have fun while doing so. Tetragami is a paper folding system that promotes spatial learning using geometrical shapes. You will be able to create and build amazing structures once you learn the foundation of the art.